Become a Member

Become a Member

AAMRI membership criteria

To be a member of AAMRI, an institution should:

  • be a not-for-profit institute established primarily for the conduct of health and medical research
  • have a track record of peer-reviewed research outputs
  • have procedures and policies in place that allow good scientific practice, the ethical conduct of research, and appropriate financial governance
  • either be:
    • a medical research institute (MRI) that is an independent legal entity
    • an MRI that has an independent Board, or is recognised as a research institute by their parent organisation, or is separate from the faculty structure of any university parent organisation
    • a hub or precinct with an incorporated governance structure, and at least one constituent MRI as defined above.


Admission of prospective members to AAMRI is at the discretion of the AAMRI Board, i.e. it should be in the best interest of AAMRI members.


Membership fees

Membership costs are: $500 per Institute and $51.50 per FTE (full-time equivalent) member of staff (research and administration) and research higher degree students.


To join AAMRI

If your institute satisfies the eligibility criteria above, please complete the AAMRI Membership Application Form and email it to Applications will be reviewed by the AAMRI Board as soon as possible.