Benefits to the Community

Benefits to the Community

Health and medical research brings many benefits to Australia, and to individuals and countries around the world.

How the community benefits:

  • Access to better health services
  • Discoveries in disease prevention and treatment
  • Improved lives and livelihoods
  • Reduced pain and suffering.

How Australia’s health system benefits:  

  • A more effective and efficient health system
  • Reduced patient burden on the health system
  • We attract the world’s brightest, pioneering minds to Australia
  • Solutions to healthcare problems.

How our economy benefits: 

  • A proven return on investment
  • Improved labour participation rate and productivity
  • Curtailed increasing healthcare costs
  • Creation of high value jobs
  • Our best and brightest minds remain onshore
  • Creation of a knowledge-intensive medicines industry
  • Creation of a more diverse economy
  • Attraction of private investment to Australia
  • Provides Australia with strong international standing in health and medical research.