Benefits to the Community

Benefits to the Community

AAMRI President Professor Tony Cunningham AO on why government investment in medical research is so important.

Health and medical research brings many benefits to Australia, and to individuals and countries around the world.

How the community benefits:

  • Access to better health services
  • Discoveries in disease prevention and treatment
  • Improved lives and livelihoods
  • Reduced pain and suffering
  • Well-founded hope.

How Australia’s health system benefits:  

  • A more effective and efficient health system
  • Reduced patient burden on the health system
  • We attract the world’s brightest, pioneering minds to Australia
  • Solutions to healthcare problems.

How our economy benefits: 

  • A proven return on investment
  • Improved labour participation rate and productivity
  • Curtailed increasing healthcare costs
  • Creation of high value jobs
  • Our best and brightest minds remain onshore
  • Creation of a knowledge-intensive medicines industry
  • Creation of a more diverse economy
  • Attraction of private investment to Australia
  • Provides Australia with strong international standing in health and medical research.