About AAMRI Members

About AAMRI Members

AAMRI’s 50 member organisations are internationally recognised leaders in health and medical research that work on a broad spectrum of human health issues such as preventive health, chronic disease, mental health, immunology and Indigenous health. Their research ranges from fundamental biomedical discovery through to clinical research and the translation of research findings from bench to bedside.

They are primarily co-located with major teaching hospitals and provide a unique interface between research and healthcare delivery.

Through affiliations with leading universities, medical research institutes also provide a cohesive training environment, attracting many of Australia’s best graduates and training the next generation of world-class researchers and scientists.

The majority of AAMRI’s members are ‘independent’ medical research institutes (MRIs), meaning they are independent legal entities, separate from a hospital or university. Other members are university-based MRIs or alliances between a hospital and university.

MRIs are all not-for-profit charities endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients (DGRs). This allows individuals and organisations to provide donations to MRIs to help them achieve their objectives to improve human health and lessen suffering across the globe.

AAMRI’s member organisations range in size from 20 to more than 1,000 staff and students.

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