Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

AAMRI members benefit from:

  • Information and advice

AAMRI actively engages with government, opposition parties and sector leaders to ensure our members’ interests are on the agenda. We are always happy to speak with members about issues that their medical research institute is facing.

AAMRI develops fact sheets on topics relevant to our members such as summaries of federal budgets and their impact on our sector and analysis of government policy changes affecting the medical research sector.

We also send a monthly e-newsletter to subscribers with sector and policy updates, funding opportunities and events listings.

  • Unique sector representation and insights

AAMRI is uniquely placed to represent the interests of medical research institutes. Our board includes representatives from different research and geographical areas around Australia, ensuring the full breadth of issues affecting our members is on our agenda.

AAMRI writes many submissions on behalf of our members advocating for their interests in areas such as research funding, tax and charity legislation, NHMRC policies and other legislative and policy areas that have an impact on our members. These submissions are published on our website.

  • Knowledge sharing and networking

The annual AAMRI National Convention in Canberra is an opportunity for all members’ directors and business managers, along with their board members, to connect. All members of Parliament are invited to attend our annual dinner, which also includes the presentation of the CSL Florey/CSL Young Florey Medal. The convention and dinner are free of charge to our members.

AAMRI also provides a range of online networks for members’ staff, including for chief financial officers, grant managers and communications teams.

  • Collegiality amongst members

Assisting our members to form strong working relationships is another key to the success of AAMRI. By joining AAMRI, our members are part of an organisation working towards improving the standing of medical research in Australia.

  • Improved fiscal and regulatory environment

By working together as a sector we can advocate for an improved fiscal and regulatory environment for medical research, ensuring our sector is afforded the prominence it deserves in policy priorities and can better achieve its aims.

  • Improved research and organisational outcomes

Together we are stronger than as individual institutions. By doing all we can to push for better funding and regulation in our sector we can free up our member institutions to focus on what they do best: medical research.