AAMRI Budget Submission: make health & medical research a priority this Budget

AAMRI Budget Submission: make health & medical research a priority this Budget

12th February, 2020

The Australian medical research sector is world class, with some of the best Medical Research Institutes in the world delivering higher survival rates, lower burden costs for disease, and new treatments to the Australian community.

To keep this sector thriving and delivering the economic returns we are currently seeing, medical research needs to remain a priority in the Budget. The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) have clearly outlined key areas for investment in medical research in their Pre-Budget Submission for 2020-21.

“We know that for every $1 invested in medical research, we see almost $4 returned to the broader community” said AAMRI President Professor Jonathan Carapetis AM. “It is an investment that continues to pay back to the nation year after year, delivering substantial economic and health outcomes.”

AAMRI has identified three key areas that need to be addressed this budget: ensuring the medical research future fund (MRFF) is fully capitalised, establishing a program to support the indirect costs of MRFF funded research, and increasing NHMRC grants above CPI increases.

“The submission outlines the major areas that need investment to keep our best researchers in Australia, focussing on critical health issues,” said Professor Carapetis.

“This is needed to maintain a strong and vibrant medical research system which can deliver substantial health and economic benefits which will flow back into the Australian community,”

While there are always competing investment priorities for any government, medical research is one of the smartest investments a government can make. Our past investments in medical research has delivered $78 billion in net gains to the Australian economy. With maintained commitment and support, we will continue to see these benefits for Australians and the Australian economy.

Download the media release and read the full submission below.