AAMRI’s 2015-16 Pre-Budget Submission

AAMRI’s 2015-16 Pre-Budget Submission

6th February, 2015

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), together with concurrent Government reviews impacting the health and medical research sector – including the Review to Strengthen Independent Medical Research Institutes, the Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research Review, the Higher Education Infrastructure Working Group, the review of national research infrastructure, and the Reform of the Federation White Paper (Roles and Responsibilities in Health) – provide an unprecedented opportunity to boost the capacity of the sector to deliver better health outcomes, and improve the return on the Government’s investment in health and medical research.


Summary of Recommendations:

1. MRFF: priority initiatives for 2015-16

  • Proof-of-Concept Fund: translating research discoveries into healthcare
  • Early-Mid Career Researcher Scheme: keeping young researchers on Australian shores
  • Health Professional Research Fellowships:embedding research in the health system

2. An NHMRC that can deliver on the long-term priorities of the MRFF

  • Reform of the NHMRC governance and organisational structure
  • Overhaul of NHMRC schemes to improve efficiency and enhance career pathways

3. Strengthening Australia’s highly successful medical research institutes

  • Full and equitable funding for the indirect costs of research for all research organisations
  • Access to Australian Research Council (ARC) schemes to all publicly-funded research organisations, including MRIs

4. Boosting the commercial returns from medical research

  • Proof-of-concept and venture capital funding: addressing the valleys of death
  • Upskilling the research workforce in technology transfer and commercialisation
  • Appropriate metrics of commercialisation success in peer review and Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) processes
  • Bringing together sub-critical groups of commercialisation expertise

5. Research infrastructure that underpins a cutting-edge research sector

  • A 10-year Government strategy for Australian research infrastructure that coordinates investment across agencies and programs.

You can download AAMRI’s full submission below.