NHMRC Structural Review and MRFF public consultations

NHMRC Structural Review and MRFF public consultations

15th July, 2016

It’s all happening in health and medical research at the moment, with consultation papers released and information sessions announced about the NHMRC and MRFF both within a day of each other.

Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program
As many of you will know, there is a Structural Review of the NHMRC’s Grant Program underway, and yesterday the NHMRC released a consultation paper canvassing three alternative grant program models, with submissions due on 25 August. To assist you in preparing a submission, the NHMRC is running public forums over the next two weeks around Australia. Bookings are essential. We encourage members to attend so MRI views are represented.

AAMRI will be making a submission on behalf of members, with consultation from our Board and member MRI Directors, but we also encourage individual MRIs and scientists to make their own submissions.

MRFF public consultation events
The Australian Medical Research Advisory Board, which is overseeing the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), will be holding public consultation events around Australia in late July and through to early August. These consultations are part of the process to develop the Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy and the related Priorities.

The first stage of the consultation process was a call for written submissions on the development of the Strategy and Priorities, to which AAMRI and a number of member MRIs made submissions, along with patient/disease groups and other interested parties. The Advisory Board has considered these submissions and developed a draft framework that will be used to determine the Strategy and Priorities. This framework will be discussed during the second stage public consultation events in July and August.

Again, we encourage members to attend so MRI views are represented.