Submission to Review of CRC Programme

Submission to Review of CRC Programme

11th November, 2014

In its submission to the Review of the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme, AAMRI outlines the important role of the programme in:

  • bringing together a critical mass of multi-disciplinary partners to meet an industry’s research needs to overcome a major barrier or capitalise on a significant opportunity
  • strengthening a ‘business ready’ research culture in Australia
  • skilling researchers and research organisations in commercialisation, business development and other skills fundamental to working with industry
  • building critical mass in multi-disciplinary research networks
  • developing ongoing relationships and distribution networks between research and industry partners.

We also caution against the sole focus of the Review discussion paper on industry-focussed CRCs, and discuss the value of ‘public good’ CRCs, including through direct and indirect economics outcomes.


Recommendations for the CRC programme include:

  • a firm, long-term Government commitment to the CRC Programme
  • recognising the value of ‘public good’ CRCs in providing social, environmental, health, as well as economic outcomes
  • the removal of priorities from CRC selection rounds
  • the introduction of an Expression of Interest stage in the application process
  • implementing simpler reporting mechanisms that focus on genuine indicators of performance rather than contractual compliance
  • greater flexibility to improve industry involvement
  • continuation of the valuable education and outreach components of the programme
  • facilitating better governance practices by defining roles and necessary skill sets for CRC Boards
  • maintaining the scale and duration of CRC grants, so critical to the unique role and success of the programme.


You can download AAMRI’s full submission below.