AAMRI welcomes Greens’ MRFF & NHMRC policies in response to Election Statement

AAMRI welcomes Greens’ MRFF & NHMRC policies in response to Election Statement

8th May, 2019

In a response to AAMRI’s Election Statement the Australian Greens have confirmed their policy to increase funding to the NHMRC and to fully support the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) in line with the current budget commitments. The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) is delighted to see this clear commitment to Australian science and research from the Greens.

These investments, along with the other commitments outlined in the Greens’ Science, Research and Development policy, will ensure Australia’s researchers are able to continue their strong history of innovative and life changing research.

In response to AAMRI’s Election Statement which outlines three key priorities, the Greens have responded with:

  1. Support the full capitalisation of the MRFF as set out in the recently released Commonwealth Budget, as well as rigorous and competitive expert review processes.
  2. Creating a ‘Protecting Science’ package, consisting of a $2.557 billion boost to the Australia Research Council, NHMRC, and Cooperative Research Centres over the next decade, with $1 billion in new funding to the NHMRC including $345.1 million over the forwards.
  3. Use of MRFF funds to invest in mid-career researchers, including supporting industry-exchange and clinician researcher fellowships.

AAMRI President, Professor Vlado Perkovic, said he was pleased to see the Greens commit to extra support for the NHMRC, which funds the very best medical research and the very brightest scientists.

“The additional funds for the NHMRC is welcome news for the sector – continuous strong support for the NHMRC is needed to make sure we have a strong research system from discovery right through to new patient treatments.”

“We need this level of commitment for the MRFF, NHMRC and in particular our mid-career researchers, to ensure the ongoing vitality of Australia’s medical research sector, and are delighted the Greens have addressed all three areas,” said Professor Perkovic.

Responses to AAMRI’s Election Statement have now been received from both Labor and the Greens and are available on our website. AAMRI is looking forward to receiving responses from the other parties and will publish them in due course.