AAMRI 2015 National Convention – Gender Equity Session

AAMRI 2015 Convention

AAMRI 2015 National Convention – Gender Equity Session

AAMRI’s 2015 National Convention included a session on gender equity initiatives at several of Australia’s medical research institutes. We were also fortunate to have Prof Sandra Bell from the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Steering Committee to present on the SAGE pilot.


1. Prof Doug Hilton, AAMRI President – Introduction

2. Richard Wylie, Heart Research Institute – Piloting women’s career re-start grants
Download Richard’s PowerPoint presentation

3. Prof Lynn Corcoran, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute – Towards gender equity in science at WEHI
Download Lynn’s PowerPoint presentation

4. Prof Sharon Bell, SAGE Steering Committee – SAGE: Addressing a wicked problem
Download Sharon’s PowerPoint presentation