Campaigns & Partnerships

Campaigns & Partnerships

What’s the Fuss? Campaign

The MRFF Action Group launched its “What’s the fuss?” campaign in support of medical research and the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) in October 2015. The campaign aims to give the community a better understanding of the important role health and medical research plays in all our lives. It is a celebration of what medical research has achieved in Australia, and what it can achieve with increased government funding.

We need the community to care about the MRFF if we’re to ensure the fund reaches its $20 billion target in the coming years. While the MRFF legislation was passed by the Federal Parliament in August 2015, the $20 billion target was not legislated and will require ongoing support from the research and broader community.

The campaign features Carrie Bickmore, Ita Buttrose, Sir Gus Nossal, Natasha Stott Despoja, and other community leaders, researchers and patients all posing the question “What’s the fuss?” in regard to medical research and the Medical Research Future Fund.

The campaign website asks researchers and patients to share their stories of how they have been affected by disease or touched by medical research. You can get behind the campaign by sharing your stories on the website, liking and sharing our Facebook page, or using the hashtag #WTFuss on Twitter.

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MRFF Action Group

AAMRI has joined other peak bodies from Australia’s health and medical research sector to form the MRFF Action Group.

The MRFF Action Group will promote the groundbreaking benefits the Medical Research Future Fund will bring to Australia’s health and prosperity. The increase in medical research expenditure that will flow from the MRFF will underpin Australia’s future as a world leader in the health industry.

AAMRI, as part of the MRFF Action Group, is advocating for the full realisation of the sovereign fund to the $20 billion proposed in the 2014-15 Federal Budget, which will then deliver $1 billion annually in health and medical research funding in perpetuity from 2022.

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Research Alliance

In July 2013, AAMRI joined other peak bodies of Australia’s research and science community to form the Research Alliance, a broad-based grouping of scientific, research, university and public and private sector researchers, who came together to call for a strategic national research policy to build a stronger, smarter Australia.

Since then, the Research Alliance has grown to more than a dozen groups which include the peak bodies in science, higher education, social sciences and humanities, as well as our most eminent scholars from all four learned academies, and our most recent Nobel Laureate, Professor Brian Schmidt.

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Discoveries Need Dollars

Initiated in 2011 by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Discoveries Need Dollars is a grassroots campaign aimed at promoting the value of medical research funding as an investment in the future health of Australians. The campaign was launched in response to widespread rumours suggesting that the Australian Government at the time intended to cut medical research funding in the 2011-2012 budget. Thousands of researchers, patients and community members voiced their concern about the cuts in demonstrations throughout the nation, and medical research funding was ultimately maintained.

Discoveries Need Dollars still actively advocates for Australian research and provides useful updates on government policies affecting researchers and the patients and community they serve. To find out more, visit their website or Facebook page.

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