AAMRI legal templates to foster collaboration

AAMRI legal templates to foster collaboration

24th October, 2016

Collaboration between medical research institutes and industry has been made easier thanks to a series of template contracts by the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI).

The templates are designed for use by medical research institutes (MRIs) and industry to facilitate innovation and collaboration with industry.

The three template contracts are:

  1. A mutual confidentiality deed
  2. A collaboration agreement
  3. A material transfer agreement

We hope these templates will result in even more collaboration between MRIs and industry, ensuring the best science in Australia is underway and helping as many people as possible, while also growing Australia’s best performing smart industry: the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector.

One of AAMRI’s key aims is to help ensure the most effective and efficient functioning of the health and medical research sector. Having templates such as these available for use not only by our members, but the whole of the Australian science and innovation sector, is a new way we can help reach this aim.

We hope the templates will be taken up by many of our members and beyond, and result in innovative collaborations delivering great results for Australians and our economy.

There is also potential for other industries involved in innovation outside of life sciences to use these templates as a guide for fostering their own cross-sector collaborations.

The templates do not replace legal advice, but should minimise the amount of advice needed, and thus reduce the costs and time involved in reaching agreement.

For more, watch this short video featuring AAMRI President Professor Doug Hilton, or read the AAMRI media release.